Gynecological Red &Blue Light Therapy Device Vaginal Tightening Wand Pelvic Floor Trainer Laser Treatment For Pain Feminine Care


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  • Brand Name: little dolphin
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Plug Type: EU Plug
  • Certification: CE
  • Standard Voltage: 220V
  • Application: Body
  • Type: Gynecological Red & Blue Light Therapy Device
  • Voltage: 110V-220V,50Hz-60Hz
  • Rated Power Input: 500VA
  • Red Light Wavelength: 630nm±10nm
  • Blue Light Wavelength: 465nm±10nm
  • Lamp Beads: 70 Pieces
  • Power Intensity Each Diode: 10mW/cm2
  • Temperature Range: 5℃-40°C
  • Timer: 0-10 Minutes Adjustable
  • Feature 01: Red Blue Light Therapy Machine
  • Feature 02: Vaginal Rejuvenation Machine
  • Feature 03: Pelvic Floor Trainer
  • Feature 04: Laser Terapy Device
  • Feature 05: Sterilize Vaginal Bacteria
  • Feature 06: Women’s Health Care
  • Feature 07: Birth Canal Rehabilitation
  • Feature 08: Vaginal Health
  • Size: 26cm*20.5cm*21.8cm
  • Weight: 1500g

Home Use Gynecological Red & Blue Light Therapy Device & Pelvic Floor Trainer for Rehabilitation and strengthening of The Pelvic Floor Muscles, Vaginal Rejuvenation Wand Feminine Care Device

630nm Red Light & 465nm Blue Light & Micro-current Vibration


❥650NM LASER FUNCTION: 650nm laser irradiation can penetrate elastic fiber of vaginal wall,improve vagina blood flow,Supply oxygen and nutrient to vaginal, repair damaged elastic fiber tissue,Stimulate the dry and relaxation vaginal,Strengthen the stretching force of the muscle around the vagina to achieve a tightening effect.
❥VIBRATION FUNCTION: The gynecological women laser device can Enhanced vaginal sensitivity and the low level laser widely used in the clinic over 20 years in the worldwide and the clinic results show that the low level laser has effect on Mild cervical erosion, cervicitis & mild non-specific vaginitis & Viginal tighten.
❥Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation: Tones the pelvic floor muscles (and maintains them) by help to exercise the pelvic floor. Allowing you to get back to the life you love, not having to worry about leaks.
❥Efficacy: Anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor, detox/eliminate odors and pruritus, improve blood viscosity, promote blood circulation.
❥IPX4 Waterproof: The device mainly consists Semiconductor LED module, lllumination probe,Time control system,Power supply system.
❥Multipurpose Use: The little round shaped probe which the light-gathering ability has red light and blue light, can be used on a specific part such as belly, breast, face and so on. Work on skin wounds, joint/muscle pain, spots on the face, etc. But never shine the eyes directly. Please note if you use this round probe to illuminate your face, don’t take too long. Please don’t illuminate the face with blue light for more than five minutes.


❥Type: Gynecological Red & Blue Light Therapy Device
❥Voltage/Hz: AC110V/60Hz OR 220V/50Hz
❥Rated Power Input: 500VA
❥Lamp Beads: 70 pieces
❥Red Light Wavelength: 630nm±10nm
❥Blue Light Wavelength: 465nm±10nm
❥Power Intensity Each Diode: 10mW/cm2
❥Cooling Function of Treatment Probe: Surface Therapy Probe≤ 55°C
❥Ozone Content: ≥10mg/h, Medical Standard
❥Working Condition: Relative Humidity~≤80%
❥Temperature Range: 5℃-40°C
❥Timing Function: 0-10 Minutes Adjustable
1-Error is Controlled Within 10%
2-A Bee Sound Means The Treatment and Red Light & Ozone Output Stop)
❥Size of Machine: 19cm*15cm*11cm
❥Size of Box: 26cm*20.5cm*21.8cm
*Vaginal Tightening
*Mild Cervical Erosion
*Postpone Menopause
*Sterilize Vaginal Bacteria
*Vaginitis/Cervical Erosion
*Birth Canal Rehabilitation
*Mild Non-specific Vaginitis
*Dry and Relaxation Vaginal
*Detox/eliminate Odors and Pruritus
*Cervicitis, Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
*Improve Vaginal Sensitivity


Mild cervical erosion,Mild non-specific vaginitis,Cervicitis, Pelvic inflammatory disease

Combining Inside and Outside

It is Internal and external combination for better results.

Pure Physiotherapy

Red and Bule Light Technology

❥630nm Red light irradiation can penetrate elastic fiber of viginal wall, improve vagina blood flow, supply oxygen and nutrient to vaginal, repair dagamed elastic fiber tissue.
❥465nm Blue Light forms a single petide oxygen tight sterilized vaginal bacteriao kill bacteria.Detox and eliminate odors and pruritus.

70 pieces lamp beads surround the probe and can irradiate everywhere.

1.There is also a lamp bead on the head.
2.It is can iluminate everywhere.
3.High-density light promotes energy absorption.
4.Lamp beads staggered evenly

What You Get?

1 x Host
1 x Gynaecology Stick
1 x Single Moudle Probe
1 x Manual
1 x Warranty card
1 x Power Adaptor

Operation Steps

A.Connect the power line of the host to the power supply, and connect the required probe of the use terminal.
B.Turn on the power switch on the back of the host, and the host will start up with a sound of "dripping’". The default working time is 30 minutes.
C.Time key, short press valid, time set to 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes, 40 minutes, 50 minutes, 60 minutes.
D.Start stop key, short press valid, short press start stop key to start/ pause the current function output.
E Switch key, short press effective, short press switch key, you can switch the output state of current red and blue function in real time. The product is in the red light output state by default when it is turned on. In the red light output state, the corresponding "red" indicator light of the product is on; when it is switched to the blue light output state, the corresponding "blue" indicator light of the product is on.
F.Press the intensity key for a short time to be effective. The corresponding gear has intensity level 1, intensity level 2 and intensity level 3. Press the intensity key for a short time to switch the intensity state of the current red / blue light output in real time. The corresponding product intensity gear indicator lights up synchronously. The product starts up in intensity level 1 by default.
G.The button operation of the product is accompanied by the corresponding buzzer prompt sound as a prompt.

Note: Prohibited by pregnant women


One: How to use the machine ?

A: Use blue light 5 minutes, and then 30 minutes red light in
first month, after one month, use red light 40 minutes.
2-3 times per day, 15 days per cycle,3 months per course.

Two: Any side effect ?

This is pure physiotherapy, no pain, no damage, no any
side effect.

Three: Do you have different plug for different countries ?

Yes, we can provide different voltage and plug for
different market.

Four: Any Warranty ?

Yes, from the purchase date, for any quality issue, we can
provide free parts or new machine in our cost. And lifetime .


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