HEAVY DUTY Folding Dog Ramp Pet Ramps for SUV Cars Travel Portable Light Weight


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  • Material: Wool
  • Wash Style: Hand Wash
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • CN: Guangdong
  • Type: Dogs
This Folding Pet Ramp makes the task of loading and unloading your pet from your vehicle a whole lot easier. It’s ideal for smaller pets or for senior pets that would otherwise have a difficult time hopping into your car; it’s also great for anyone unable to lift their pet.
【Light Weight & Heavy Duty】 – all-plastic construction, 10 LBs ultra light weight Pet Ramp,but can hold over 200LBs,provides a safe walking surface for even the largest dogs.
【Rubber Feet】 – The rubber grippers keep ramp stable while in use,and provides ultra safety for your pets on slippery places.
【Intimate Design】 – The ramp can folds in half for easy carrying and storage. Indentions beneath the railing provide a convenient handle; a safety release latch helps prevent accidental openings
【Traction】 – The High Traction Walking Surface provides a textured surface that is similar to truck beds and skate boards to help prevent slips; perfect for older pets or pets with mobility issues
【Guide Rail】 – Rails on both sides help your pet feel more secure when walking up and down the ramp.
【Maintenance-Free】 – Use mild detergent or simply hose off is easy to clean
【Ideal For Hurt/Older Pets】- Injured pets deserve the pain-free comfort. The pet ramp gives another option instead of pet steps, which may hurt their joints or injured legs.

Color: Black
Material: PP + anti-skid sandpaper
Dimensions:31"x 16" x 7"(L x W x T)
Unfolded Dimensions:61" x 15.5" x 6.2" (L x W x T)
Max capacity:200 LBs
Net weight: 9 lbs
If ramp is wobbly, it may be due to using it on the side of a car which has doors that obstruct a linear placement and cause the ramp to sit at an angle.
If the ramp is at an angle and only one of the two upper corners is placed on the seat, the ramp will wobble


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