Portable ultraviolet analyzer UV Lamp 365nm/254nm High Sensitivity UV Analyzer Lab Equipment For Biology Scientific Research


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1. In scientific experiments, it is a necessary instrument to detect many main substances such as protein and nucleotide.
2. In drug production and research, it can be used to check the quality of hormones, alkaloids, vitamins and other drugs that can produce fluorescence. It is especially suitable for thin layer analysis, paper layer analysis and spot detection.
3. In dye, coating, rubber, petroleum and other chemical industries, various fluorescent materials, fluorescent indicators and additives are determined to identify different kinds of crude oil and rubber products.
4. It can be used to measure different kinds of raw materials such as wool, silk, man-made fiber and cotton synthetic fiber, and check the quality of finished products.
5. It can be used to check the quality of toxin (such as aflatoxin, etc.) food additives, deteriorated vegetables, fruits, cocoa bean fat, chocolate, fat, honey, sugar, eggs, etc.
6. In geology, archaeology and other departments can play a role in the discovery of various minerals, identify the authenticity of cultural relics and fossils.
7. It can check finger mark measurement, steganography, etc.
Instrument structure:
The instrument is composed of ultraviolet lamp and filter. It can emit strong ultraviolet radiation at 254nm and 365nm respectively, and it can also mix the two wavelengths at one time.
The light emitted by the ultraviolet lamp is filtered out of the visible light by a filter, thus providing strong ultraviolet light at 254 nm and 365 nm for fluorescence analysis.
Main technical specifications:
Wavelength: 365 nm, 254 nm
UV filter: 150 × 50mm
Power adapter: 13.8V
Weight: 0.8kg
Use and precautions:
1. The machine is plugged in to work, pull the main power supply to the open position, press the indicator key on the panel (365nm/254nm) to light the wavelength light source, and then the tested sample can be placed under the lamp for observation and analysis. If the instrument is placed in the dark room or the light is covered with black cloth, the effect is better.
2. The surface of the UV filter should be kept dry and clean. It should be wiped with alcohol or ether frequently to prevent the filter from mildew.
3. When using, the operator should aim the ultraviolet ray at the sample to avoid irradiating the human body. It is better to wear glasses to avoid harm to the human body.


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